Fortress - Just A Gent Remix

ILLENIUM, Joni Fatora, Just a Gent

Article image for Fortress - Just A Gent Remix by ILLENIUM, Joni Fatora, Just a Gent

Let me paint you a picture. You’re in the back seat with your boys mobbing to a house party. None of you will get laid but in the heat of the moment you’re all convinced you will. Even Stevie, who sits in the way back of his moms guacamole green dodge caravan, thinks he has a chance with Becky tonight. She doesn’t like you got no shot. And the only reason you’re even coming is because your mom has a big enough car to fit us all. We stuck you in the back and told you to shut the fuck up.

Anyway, your other boy riding shotgun is flipping through some bullshit on his phone when you realize he’s frantically looking for the next song. Still teary-eyed from a fat pull of Fleischman’s rubbing alcohol, you realize it’s about to drop. Then the song drops. So wait for the drop on this one. Or don’t. We don’t care what you do. Stevie is annoying and we wish we didn’t have to hang out with him.