Plain Jane (Dr. Fresch Remix)

A$AP Ferg

Article image for Plain Jane (Dr. Fresch Remix) by A$AP Ferg

Imagine you’re at a family dinner with your grandparents that you refer to as Bobba and Mimi. The kitchen smells like kitty litter, rotten humans, and lamb chops. You just finished up Mimi’s world famous peach cobbler and a cold glass of milk. Bobba shares some old time war stories and made some borderline racial and anti-Semitic comments that everyone else lets slide because “those were the days!”.  After dinner, Mimi decides to play you some old vinyl record of some soothing music before heading to bed at 7pm. She places the vinyl on the record player and this song comes on? Wait what? That would be nuts. So anyway, here you go