About Daily Banger

Welcome to the The Daily Banger! We’re really glad you’re here. But we also don’t care that you’re here! We’re just a couple of guys who like bangers. So we made a website called The Daily Banger. Our mission is simple; to provide our users with a new way to discover music. If it sounds stupid to you, then f**k you, don’t download it, we couldn’t care less!

So what’s a banger? A Banger is an anthem, a hit, a jam, a crunchy, steezy, slapper of a tune that gets you stoked in every which way possible. This isn’t “let’s take a stroll through the park” type of music. This is that “get on a elevated surface and womp your stupid smug face off” type of jams. K?

So this is us, if you like it then you’re stupid. If you don’t like it then you’re also stupid. Again, we really don’t care what you think. Ok cool, so thanks for joining us!